Django 2014欧洲会议旅费补助

If you’d like to attend DjangoCon Europe 2014 on L'île des Embiez. — or know a talented developer who would like to attend — but cannot attend due to financial hardship, the Django Software Foundation (DSF) would like to help.

如果您想参加将在法国L'île des Embiez举行的Django 2014欧洲会议。或者您认识一位想要参会,但限于经济原因而无法参加的有天分的开发者,Django软件基金会(DSF)愿意提供帮助。

To apply for a grant, you have until March 21 to fill in the application form. Your application will be confidential unless you prefer otherwise. Grants will be awarded by March 28.


The grants program will be managed by the DSF's Grants Committee, chaired once again by Lynn Root. Grants will be awarded based on the benefit that the conference itself, and the Django community as a whole, will derive from having the applicant in attendance.

该资助项目受DSF的资助委员会管辖,再次由Lynn Root主持。资助的给予会以委员会本身以及整个Django社区能够从申请人参会中获取到的益处为基础。

If you know of a talented, deserving developer who might benefit from attending DjangoCon, please encourage them to apply.


We look forward to seeing you all in France in 2 months!



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